Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Eclipse CDO Example

hi folks,

I found an example application for Eclipse CDO. And I describe how to get it running.
Download the latest Eclipse Modeling Tools: from Eclipse download choose Development Builds to get the latest tools. Fortunately, the site lets you know, that there are some problems for mac users with the 3.5M7 release. One problem is that there is no 'dropins' folder; but I will show you how we can bypass this problem (creating a folder named 'dropins' does not work :( ). Go get the Modeling tools!
Additionally you need: the latest builds of CDO vers. 2.x (not 1.09!), Net4J vers. 2.x (not 1.09!), and Teneo.
Download them, create a folder 'CDO_runtime' and copy all plugins found in the CDO, Net4j and Teneo builds into this folder. Next, save the Team Project Set file as 'cdo_example.psf'
Now, start Eclipse of your Modeling Tools. In the Package Explorer right click->Import... ->Team->Team Project Set and choose 'cdo_example.psf'.
The next step is to add the cdo, net4j and teneo plugins to the Eclipse runtime. Normally, you do that by throwing them into Eclipse's 'dropin' folder which is absent in the current os x build. Therefore, we create a new Target Definition. Choose one of the CDO example projects, press CMD+N, choose Plug-in Development->Target Definition and name the file 'cdo_target'. Open the created '' file. In the upcoming editor press Add..., choose Installation->Next, type '${eclipse_home}' as location and press Finish. Now, we add our 'CDO_runtime' folder as location; so again press Add..., then choose Directory->Next, browse to this folder and press Finish. Finally, press Set as Target Platform in the upper right of the editor. At this point, all required plugins for the CDO example are installed.
If you want to change your target platform back to the original Eclipse installation, open the preferences (CMD+,), choose Plug-in Development->Target Platform and select Running Platform.
I did not have the time to play around with the example .. the installation took sooo long ;).
I will post after further investigations have been done.

Happy experimenting with CDO!



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Aryan hat gesagt…

Hi Steven ,

I've followed your instructions but couldn't pass the first step (->Import... ->Team->Team Project Set) in this case I get an error : "The specified file is not a valid Team Project Set file." could you please tell me how can I exactly import it ?