Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Create Elicpse Plug-in Project programmatically


I need to create an eclipse plug-in project at runtime but don't know how!

I think about reusing the New-Plug-in wizard, but after almost three hours of tweaking this wizard to fit my needs, I decided to do on my own!

But wait, coding all this stuff .. create source folder, manifest folder, manifest file, plugin.xml file ... too much .. can't someone else do it?!

praise opensource! I remember that oaw generates an eclipse-plug-in for you if you create a new oaw project. I go through oaw's cvs and find this promising class.

After some minor modifications, e.g. removing the dependency to 'org.openarchitectureware.dependencies' in its createManifest(...) method, it does a perfect job!

So, go get this class, adapt it to your needs and generate eclipse plug-in projects at runtime!



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