Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

Domain Prices Explain The World!

wake up! stop coding ;)! and do some market research!

I was looking for prices of internet domains, and found some numbers on this site. compare the rankings of .de (german domains) and .com domains. if you list the three most expensive .com domain names, you get this list:
  1. sex
  2. porn
  3. business

for .de domains you get this one:

  1. kredit
  2. poker
  3. kasino
If we assume that a domain price is a monetization of attention, we can interpret these list as follows:
  • most of germany's attention can be caught on gambling sites, and of course on sites giving credit to player's.
  • germans have no sex, just gambling
  • they do not care about business, just gambling
  • surprising: they do not care about unemployment, just gambling
the rest of the world:
  • is doing business
  • otherwise just ..

always trust the numbers!



P.S. Sorry dear google user if you landed on this blog while searching for satisfaction! some words in this post do not have a common semantic ..

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